TAGS: parable, dragon, giant, love

Giant's Heart.

"This is a fairytale of how things change as a person grows older. After all, in fact, love is not endless, and in the end, only the real feeling remains."

When the Giant was still very small, his heart was also very small. Small, from the point of view of a giant, but still huge, as for a person. It was like a big, big cauldron, half filled with blood. I'll explain why only half of it now.

From the very birth of the Giant, only his mother lived in his heart, so huge for an ordinary person. She easily fit into this pot, which is why the blood, according to Archimedes' law, rose a little higher and closer to the upper edge. Then the Giant had a little sister, and she also took a place in his heart, barely raising the blood level.

However, when the Giant grew up and became so big that birds began to build nests on his shoulders, the Dragon flew around him so as not to crash into him, and no one guessed what kind of hairstyle the Giant had today, since his head was usually covered with a cap of clouds. That is when the Giant's heart became truly huge.

In addition to his mother and sister living there (who had already grown up but continued to remain small in his heart), various people, girls, cats, dogs, and other animals began to end up there. But, since they did not want to leave him, the blood level constantly increased until one day it reached the edge, and the Giant's heart began to bleed. After all, even in the biggest heart, there is not enough room for everyone. Then he turned this big cauldron over, and everyone fell out. All that was left was his mother, some blood, and his little sister.